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"The quality is outstanding, it is so easy to fold and unfold and getting it in the car is a breeze."

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              Features              Mobie Plus       Transformer 2
  Weight Capacity          300 Lbs              300 Lbs
  Range*        13.5 Miles       13.5 Miles
  Battery   24V / 10Ah (Lithium)    24V / 10Ah (Lithium) 
  Battery Weight         4 Lbs         4 Lbs
  Battery Charging Time        2 hrs         2 hrs
  Seat Width      18 inches      18 inches
  Max Speed         3.75 MPH       3.75 MPH
  Battery Indicator          Meter       Meter
  Speed Control Dial          No        No
  Overall Length (unfolded)           38.5"         36.9" 
  Folded Dimensions           23.5”H x 17”W x 16”D         23.5”H x 17”W x 16”D
  Overall Width           18"         18"
  Turning Radius          47"         55"
  Ground Clearance          1.6"         1.6"
  Adjustable Steering Heights          Yes         Yes
  Total Weight (without battery)         50 Lbs      50 Lbs
  Rear wheel drive         Yes        Yes
  Remote Control         No        Yes
  Electric Automatic Folding         No        Yes 
  Airline Safe           Yes        Yes 
  Price           $1995        $2775 

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*Range may vary with weight, terrain, temperature, battery condition, etc. Charge your battery when the indicator is in the red zone on your battery indicator instead of letting the power run out, for longer life of your battery.