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"The quality is outstanding, it is so easy to fold and unfold and getting it in the car is a breeze."


1) Is the Transformer and Mobie easy to get in/out of car? Yes, the Transformer and Mobie are some of the most portable scooters on the market. Weighing only 54 lbs with the battery and by far the easiest scooters on the market to fold and unfold makes the Transformer and Mobie very portable scooters.

2) Is the Transformer and Mobie Airline, Cruise Ship, and Train Friendly? Yes, they both come standard with a TSA approved Lithium Ion Battery weighing only 4 lbs. The battery is the size of a book, the ease of folding and unfolding along with the ability to roll it like a travel suitcase makes the Mobie or the Transformer the perfect scooter for all your travel needs.

3) How does the scooter arrive? The Transformer and Mobie will arrive fully assembled and ready to go. All you will need to do is unfold the scooter, pop in the battery, and off you go.

4) Is the Transformer and Mobie a stable scooter? Yes, the Mobie and the Transformer are a true 4 wheel scooter with a 300 lb weight capacity making them the most stable folding travel scooters.

5) Is there a Hard Travel Case Available? Yes, there will be very soon. We are expecting the Hard Cases to be available within the next couple months.

6) Can I fold the scooter completely with the free armrests that are included? Yes, that is a unique feature of the Transformer and Mobie. You can fold the scooter with the armrests still attached. Another reason the Mobie and Transformer are the easiest scooters on the market to fold and transport.

7) How long will the battery last? The Lithium Ion Battery is designed to be used for 10,000 hours.

8) Can the Transformer or Mobie be adjusted for my exact size? Yes, the Tiller is fully adjustable and can be placed at the perfect height and distance making for a customized fit to meet your specific needs.

9) Will Medicare cover the Transformer or Mobie? No. Unfortunately the Mobie or Transformer is not a Medicare approved mobility device.

10) Are the tires flat free? Yes. You'll never have to worry about getting a flat tire. They are made of heavy duty durable synthetic material.

11) Will my private insurance cover the Transformer or Mobie? Perhaps. It will depend on your individual insurance. Many of our customers are able to submit a customized invoice which we can provide you to get at least partial reimbursement from their insurance companies. It's also a good idea to submit a doctor's prescription that states you require a powered mobility device for mobility outside of the home. Whether submitting to private insurance or not, the vast majority of our customers pay out of pocket.

12) Where is the scooter built? The Mobie and Transformer are manufactured in Taiwan. This is important. Most electric scooters and mobility scooters are manufactured over in China. However, the quality and engineering that comes out of Taiwan is much better than scooters coming from China. Of course there are always exceptions, but in our experience a Taiwanese product is vastly superior to Chinese one.

13) Do I need the Docking Station Charger? No, you do not need one. You can simply charge your Mobie and Transformer with the standard charger that comes free with the scooter. However, many of our customers find the Docking Station charger extremely convenient, allowing them to simply pop the battery out of the scooter and charge it independently of the scooter. This lets you leave your Mobie folded in your car so you just need take the 4 lb battery inside to charge! Most of our customers decide to buy this optional accessory.

14) How long will it take to be delivered? The scooters ship from a Florida warehouse, so depending on where you live, your scooter will generally take 2-5 business days. If you need to receive your Mobie or Transformer quicker, just call us toll free at 1-866-230-2323 and we can provide you with a shipping quote to have it expedited for you.

15) Is the Transformer easy to fold? Yes! All you need to do is press a button and the Transformer will fold and unfold all by itself. The Transformer is the easiest scooter on the marker to fold and unfold.

16) Can I fold the Transformer manually of I want to? Yes! The Transformer has the ability to fold and unfold manually if you choose to.